With Flare

Photography and Fine Art Digital Printing for the Beauty of It


Printing is an expensive process, done for pleasure or in hopes of profit. I do a lot for pleasure, just to see the results on paper. I have now done three exhibitions to show my work.

As I do more speculative printing I will add detail here. If you are interested in what I do for pleasure you'll have to contact me because I won't organize it for the web site without some outside interest.

"Yukon Landscapes"      (added: 11/23/2010)

"Ottawa Landscapes"      (added: 11/23/2010)

"Ottawa Trees"      (added: 11/23/2010)

"Spring and Fall Patterns"      (added: 5/31/2007)

"Wild In the City"      (added: 12/19/2007)

"Ethereal Birds"      (added: 5/29/2008)

"The Rideau River"      (added: 5/29/2008)

"Miscellaneous"      (added: 5/29/2008)

"Western Panoramas"      (added: 5/31/2007)

"Field of Dreams"      (added: 5/31/2007)