With Flare

Photography and Fine Art Digital Printing for the Beauty of It


I normally do a lot of photography, much of which I would not normally print. This area is for web galleries of those images. Eventually I hope to start offering stock images for sale and this is partly an exercise in getting that organized.

The Central Experimental Farm Elders   (modified:  19/7/2021)

Big Soul Project   (modified:  19/7/2021)

Ottawa Grassroots Festival   (modified:  8/5/2017)

Festival of India   (modified:  19/8/2014)

Christmas Goose   (modified:  15/12/2013)

Under Construction   (modified:  15/12/2013)

The Ottawa Classical Choir   (modified:  15/12/2013)

Terry Gillespie   (modified:  11/11/2013)

An Evening Without Tom Lips   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Blue Skies   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Coco Montoya at the Rainbow   (modified:  21/8/2011)

David Barbour's "Home" Opening   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Experimental Farm Gardens   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Heavens Radio - links corrected   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Juan Geuer's Sculpture   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Lynne Hanson at the Rainbow Bistro   (modified:  21/8/2011)

My Neighbor's Garden   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Playback Theatre at Terra Firma   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Wicked Grin   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Sergent Garcia & George Clinton   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Shelter Valley Folk Festival   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Remic Rapids   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Babes for Breasts   (modified:  21/8/2011)

KFM Vernisage   (modified:  21/8/2011)

SPAO A++   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Canadian Folk Music Awards   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Spirit of Rasputin's   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Ottawa Folk Festival   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Ottawa Centre Class Party   (modified:  21/8/2011)

Pictures from a helicopter   (modified:  18/3/2010)

Winter Walks   (modified:  8/2/2010)

Baker Street Cafe   (modified:  11/10/2009)

Glengarry Music Festival   (modified:  11/10/2009)

2009 Canada Day   (modified:  18/9/2009)

Art in Strathcona Park   (modified:  18/9/2009)

Glen Clark's Woody Garden   (modified:  24/7/2009)

The Bombast Blues Band   (modified:  8/7/2009)

Old Ottawa South Arts Festival - 2007   (modified:  4/7/2009)

Flocking Grackles   (modified:  4/7/2009)

A Walking Winter   (modified:  4/7/2009)

Flocking Grackles 2   (modified:  4/7/2009)

Bringing My Prints Back From Toronto   (modified:  4/7/2009)

The New Art Festival   (modified:  6/6/2009)

Spring 2009   (modified:  12/5/2009)

Blowing the Rideau   (modified:  1/3/2009)

2008 Christmas Vacation   (modified:  15/1/2009)

The Fourth Wiseman   (modified:  11/1/2009)

Solstice Party at Jean Fairholm's   (modified:  21/12/2008)

A Foggy Morning   (modified:  6/11/2008)

Jas to TO   (modified:  5/11/2008)

Deep Fall   (modified:  5/11/2008)

Ohio Trips   (modified:  17/10/2008)

The Spring Flood   (modified:  30/5/2008)