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The Show

"she saw, he saw: Superior" presented the photography of Jane Keeler and Jake Morrison from a trip dedicated to capturing our individual views of the area above Lake Superior. The show was presented at Gallery 200, 200 Crichton Street, Ottawa on the 150 feet of massive old public school hallway walls in November and December 2017. 

"she saw, he saw: Superior"

Places: Lake Superior Shores

he saw

Jake has created this wall of Lake Superior shores. Lake Superior is vast; it holds more water than all the other four great lakes combined. We heard about the islands here near Rossport that harbor the last small remnant of the woodland caribou herds. Another of the islands still shows some of the rock formations that enabled people to harvest perfectly-shaped large cubes of rock for bridge abutments.

Entering only slightly into the lake's vastness by riding with the local tourist boat-jockey, we rocked our way through narrow passages and erratic waves which arose seemingly inexplicably out of the centre of vast bays. We were soaked and I was unsure whether the edgy navigation was part of a performance risk amplified for our entertainment-but I didn't mention it to Jake. I couldn't-the roar of the engine and the soak of the waves kept my voice inaudible.

On Jake's shores, in his viewfinder, all is at peace, though our captain tells us the windows of the lighthouse were broken by waves in that famous storm years ago. A garter snake greets me on the same island. How did s/he get there?
--Jane Keeler

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