With Flare

Photography and Fine Art Digital Printing for the Beauty of It

The Show

"she saw, he saw: Superior" presented the photography of Jane Keeler and Jake Morrison from a trip dedicated to capturing our individual views of the area above Lake Superior. The show was presented at Gallery 200, 200 Crichton Street, Ottawa on the 150 feet of massive old public school hallway walls in November and December 2017. 

"she saw, he saw: Superior"

Places: Ranger Lake Road

she saw

he saw

Blocked by the washed out TransCanada, Jake conveniently remembered the enthusiasm a woman at the Mouth park had describing her husband's truck trips up the Ranger Lake Road. And so we turned North, towards Chapleau! On the way to Chapleau, we swam in Paquette Lake. We ground our way through dust and gravel, through rocks and devastated forests. It was a lonely long rough road with the gifts of beautiful lily ponds, rivers, and valleys in between the stretches of forest which looked impoverished and hungry. The horseflies were hungry too. --Jane Keeler

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