With Flare

Photography and Fine Art Digital Printing for the Beauty of It

Librairie Saint-Paul,  June - October, 2008

Starting in May 2008 and continuing into November, I will be displaying my prints and cards in the Librairie Saint-Paul & Canterbury House Bookstore at St. Paul University, 249 Main St, Old Ottawa East.

The Prints: 

Western Panoramas

- In August 2006 my daughter and I drove 10,000 km to the west coast and back. The West is so BIG! Thank goodness I had some sense of how to take a panorama.

Field of Dreams

- A field along Alta Vista Drive was allowed to grow without cutting for a few years. The Asters established themselves along with a few small trees and some wet-land perennials. A glorious mini-landscape!

Spring & Fall Patterns

- Patterns in vegetation have always fascinated me. There's a subtle order in the disorder that is pleasing and just plain RIGHT. It can also be very beautiful. In the Spring of 2005 and then in the Fall of 2007 I captured that order and beauty in a way that pleases me. Again this (2008) Spring I am finding it.

- Available in 8"x8" square images, on greeting cards and in assemblies of squares. A special assembly was made for Saint-Paul, in the shape of a cross.

Ethereal Birds

- Soaring gulls and roosting crows. The birds gather at the Rideau River, near Billings Bridge.

Rideau River

- The Rideau brought the early settlers to create Ottawa. Now it brings the wild into the city.

Wild In the City

- The grasslands near Riverside Drive. Formerly a garbage dump. Soon to be a traffic interchange.  


- Occassional gems.