With Flare

Photography and Fine Art Digital Printing for the Beauty of It


On the weekend of Feb 2-3, 2008, my show of digital photographic prints will go up at Cinnamon Girls Cafe for the month of February.

Cinnamon Girls Cafe - February 4th - 29th, 2008

In February, 2008 I had a month's show at Cinnamon Girls Cafe, 1170 Queen Street West, Toronto.

The large wall was divided between the field panoramas from last year's trip west and some from my new work: "Wild in the City". The other wall was planned to have some "Field of Dreams" prints but it didn't work out.

The Prints: 

Wild In the City  

- City buildings from the veiwpoint of Nature

Western Panoramas

- In August 2006 my daughter and I drove 10,000 km to the west coast and back. Along the way I took a few pictures ;-)


Field of Dreams