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Atrium Gallery - "Breathing Light" - 2012

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“In our lifetime-if we are fortunate-we visit certain places, whether near home or far away, that evoke the sacred in us. They differ from our usual world in magical and powerful ways, resonating with our deeper self, challenging us by their mere presence, and creating such awe in us that we come away feeling ourselves part of a wondrous natural world. There are many sacred landscapes in the world, but our experience of them is out of this world. Although such places exist in time, our experience of them is outside time. “

from Sacred Landscapes, The Threshold Between Worlds

 by A.T. Mann


Jake Morrison, photographer and printmaker

My relationship with nature is one of appreciation of the mystery and beauty without much interest in the categorization and science that we humans have created around it. I try to present my experiences in nature through my photography. I very much appreciate the immersive nature of the digitally-stitched panorama and I use it often to help draw the viewer into the scene.

Breathing Light

breathe light – inhale light – inspirit light – inspire light

Photography is always, of course, about light – the texture of light, the shape of light, the subtleties of light. But there have been times, very occasional times, when it seems like I am immersed in light, surrounded by light, breathing light. There is a feeling of the spiritual. As a photographer I try to capture the moment but, in those times, it can be very difficult to break away from the experience to focus on recording it.

I encountered this phenomenon a number of times in the Yukon, again at dawn in South Florida and yet again at du Bic Provincial Park in the Gaspé. One could break it down into categories and description (fog with sunlight punching through) but that wouldn’t communicate the feeling. I hope I have done so through my prints. I invite you to share my experience.

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February 17 to March 21, 2012 / Du 17 février au 21 mars 2012

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