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Yukon Landscapes

In February 2012 I took "Breathing light and made a print show from the experience. See "Breathing Light".

In late August 2010 I took a photographic trip to the Yukon & Alaska. It was the first time I had done such a thing where the only purpose for being there was to take pictures. I went with another, more experienced, photographer. We mainly camped, waking to the light of dawn and going to bed when the light failed.

Much of our time was spent on the Dempster Highway, mainly around Tombstone Provinial Park, but also on up to the Arctic Circle and the Northwest Territories border. Finally we took a jaunt over the Top of the World Highway into Alaska and back on the Alaska Highway and down to Haines, Alaska, passing through northern British Colombia.

Late August is Fall in those parts and we hoped for great Fall colours. Because of the extreme dampness, the reds didn't quite come to peak but, to my uneducated eye (and camera), it was spectacular.

Prints shown at The Green Door Vegetarian Restaurant, Nov-Dec, 2010.

My favorite panorama to date has come from this trip: "Breathing Light".