With Flare

Photography and Fine Art Digital Printing for the Beauty of It


This is a never-ending project, each year brings a new cycle.

Spring and Fall Patterns

 My original idea was that it might be very interesting to shoot patterns in vegetation and take them all to the same scale of detail, no matter what scale they have in the real world. So...leaves on a tree that are in reality four or five inches across are presented to look like the same scale of patterns as small cedums that are a half an inch across.

It was interesting but...the beauty and harmony of the patterns in the vegetation has kept me at it through almost three years of shooting.

The spring and fall seasons each provide their own pallet of colours and texture. Spring with it's fresh greens and sharply defined shapes, still growing and vibrant. Fall with its browns and reds and oranges and the softening of dying vegetation. Presented in a square format, the dynamics of the natural pattern predominate.

The composites come from that same fascination with patterns. They are Patterns of Patterns, the seasonal patterns grouped together in my patterns. This fall, with the launch of a new Fall 2008 Patterns at Librairie St Paul, I've added a pattern in the shape of a cross.

Here they are, individual prints (see "Art Cards" for smaller versions of some) and composites.

The Spring (2007),

The Fall (2007),

The Composites

Fall 2008 and

Patterns as shown at The Green Door Vegetarian Restaurant in December 2010