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Under Construction

Hi folks.

Its been almost four years since I've made a serious update of the Images section. I've been having too much fun with art photography, printing & exhibitions.

But the events photography continues. The pictures are all here but there have been no links. I'm going to put a list below with links. If you're looking for:

here they are...

Terry Gillespie

TnT at Tuscon's



Blue Skies 2010

Friday Arrival
Friday Night
Sunday Day
Sunday Evening

My Yukon trip

Yukon Panos
The Yukon

Spirit of Rasputins

The Dusty Drifters
SoR Beard
Meredeth Luce
Songs of Hope& Protest
Jan Purcell

Community Cup

Ottawa Community Cup

Art Openings

Terry Sancartier
Jim Lamont
Panos at Trinity Galleries
Fugitive States
KFM's Artist Talk

Prairie Scene

The Swarm
Odawa Centre