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The Central Experimental Farm Elders

The Central Experimental Farm Elders

The 41 acres of the Central Experimental Farm designated for the New Civic Development (NCD) include over 1558 trees on a gorgeous city parkland used daily by hundreds of walkers, cyclists and dog-walkers.

I was asked by ReImagine Ottawa in July 2021 - as a landscape photographer -  to create some memorable images. I believe I have found many memorable images, not so much of landscape, but mainly as portraits of The Elders, the large trees that have been nurtured there for many decades. I think of this as Ottawa's Green Infrastructure, as necessary as all the rest but seldom given any status when planning the rest.

At this writing I have two galleries. The first, The Elders I, contains images taken on the west side of the southern field, next to Birch Drive. The field is planned to be enlarged almost to Birch Drive, possibly leaving a single row of trees along the road (but possibly not) and removing most of the trees pictured in order to "put up a parking lot" as Joni sang so long ago.

The second, The Elders II, were taken mainly at the northern edge of that same field where the trees are to be totally removed for that same parking lot.
I will add more galleries as time goes on.
In March 2021, Parsons Engineering did a survey of the trees and included a description in their  "2021-05-10 - Environmental Impact Statement and Tree Conservation Report - D07-12-21-0059" , submitted  in May 2021 for Master Site Plan Approval. I have used that information to identify and describe the trees portrayed.
An update - 2021-08-04 Revised EIS & TCS - was posted on August 4th with many revisions including a smaller tree destruction count.
Each portrait has the following information in the title:
  • Tree # from the report
  • Tree name - sometimes corrected by me
  • Tree diameter, designated as DBH - "diameter at breast height"
  • Tree's health
Below the image is the fate of the tree: either chosen for removal, yet to be decided or spared. Fifteen of my first twenty are to be removed, three have yet to learn their fate and two will be spared - according to the current plan.
I've discovered so far that three of the twenty portrayed Elders were misidentified and at least six Scots Pines that should have been included in the survey were not.
I will continue to go out on cloudy days to complete my survey of The Elders.
  • The Elders I - July 6th - South end of NCD near Birch Drive
  • The Elders II - July 8th - South end of NCD near Prince of Wales
  • The Elders III - July 23rd - East of the North end of Birch Drive
  • The Elders IV - August 8th - Between the tennis courts and Birch Drive


ReImagine Ottawa also asked to prepare posters of six of the Elders that a slated to be cut down to "put up a parking lot". The posters will be used for advertising around Dow's Lake, At three foot by four foot they will be seen! You can see the images at