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2008 Christmas Vacation

This year we decided to do a big Christmas Vacation trip. We all had two weeks free so we planned to see family and exotic places by car.

We started by visiting Sean, Tanya and Leah Morrison in Waterloo, Ontario. Leah is my 16 month old granddaughter and she is a going concern! My daughter Caroline, her mother Pat & their friends Barbara & Sarah are also in the pictures, along with Jane & Jasmine, of course.Pictures.

We stayed in Waterloo for two days and then headed for Ohio, via North East beach, Pennsylvania. Pictures.

After having Christmas with Jane's father and brother's family, John, Kathy, Lark & Marybeth we traveled to Durham, NC. Pictures.

Shortly after arriving there Jane had some serious health issues and had to spend three days in hospital. We decided to not travel any further but rather spend the time with Jane's brother's family, Gordon, Tracy, Dylan & Kristin. While there we visited:

Our time was up so we headed back home. Pictures.