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I am one of the photo coordinators for the 2009 Ottawa Folk Festival along with Dave Haggarty. The links on this page are for shots that I have taken. Shots from other OFF photographers will be available through the OFF website at www.ottawafolk.org.

Ottawa Folk Festival

I've become one of the coordinators of the OFF Photo Crew so I get a lot of chances to shoot these people/events. This page contains only the pictures that I have shot. Pictures from myself and other members of the crew (the official set) can be found through the OFF web site, www.OttawaFolk.org , under "Photo Galleries".

  Sponsored Concert  

Ferris Wheel

April 30th, 2010 - Ferris Wheel opened for Timber Timbre at The First Baptist Church, Laurier & Elgin

I'm afraid this wasn't one of my favorites. Ferris Wheel was ok - very atmospheric - but Timber Timbre was also atmospheric and the atmosphere was dark. The lighting was well done for the atmosphere and I spent a lot of time watching the extreme shadows created by the low, bright LED lighting.

The image gallery below originally had some pictures of Timber Timbre but I was asked to remove them so they are gone.

Lighting Design by Mark Delorme

The pictures

Acoustic Waves

James Hill, Anne Davison and Alise Marlane

April 25th, 2010 - Alise Marlane opened for James Hill & Anne Davison - GCTC

Set and Lighting Design by Martin Conboy
Set Design Associate Yvan Cazabon

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2010 Auditions - Youth Category

Waiting in the "green room"

March 27th, 2010 - The Youth audition. Twenty-five acts under the age of 25 auditioned for a spot at this year's Festival plus a prize of $1500.

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Acoustic Waves

Ana Muira

March 14th, 2010 - Amy Campbell opened for Ana Muira - GCTC

Set and Lighting Design by Steve Lucas

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Acoustic Waves

Wooden Sky

January 24th, 2010 - Jill Zmud opened for Wooden Sky - GCTC

Lighting Designer: Kerem Çetinel

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Acoustic Waves


November 15, 2009 - Genticorum - GCTC

Set Designer: Camellia Koo.
Lighting Designer: Jock Munro

A wonderful night of Quebequois music.

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Bob's Fall BBQ

October 24th, 2009

Ana, Bob, Tatiana & Chris

Last night was Bob Nesbitt's fall BBQ for the construction crew. A wonderful time was had by all. This was a special event because of all the changes in personael at the OFF. So, Chris White was there, Tatiana Nemchin was there and Ana Muira was there. The first two, as well as Bob, made sure that we knew they were leaving the Festival and many things were said about their contributions. Then Ana was introduced as the interim head of operations and planning. And then Ana sang! Quite an evening!


Panorama of whole group.

Acoustic Waves

September 27th, 2009 - Eliza Gilkyson with Robert McEntee and Lynn Miles - GCTC

Set Designer: Robin Fisher.
Lighting Designer: Jock Munro

Eliza Gilkyson and Robert McEntee performed Eliza's songs and were joined by Lynn Miles for about half the songs.

The pictures

2009 Ottawa Folk Festival

Joel Plasket (standing), Ana Muira, Steven Page & Bruce Coburn

August 21st - 23rd, 2009, Brittania Park

We (the Photo Crew) attempted to get images processed within 24 hours this year. We had a table and print display set up in the Dance tent with a display computer and a processing computer. What this meant for me was that I got to be photo technician for many hours that I might have been shooting pictures or enjoying the music. I did manage to get a few pictures but I missed most of the music.

My shots only - see the OFF web site for all pictures.

Bob's July BBQ

July 3rd, 2009

Bob Nesbitt held a BBQ for the Construction Crew, some friends and other OFF invitees. It was raining lightly but the burners were going full-steam at the edge of the garage. Lots of MEAT (and veggie burgers/hot dogs) and great pot luck salads & deserts.

After dinner Missie Burgess sang a few songs and then the Construction Crew Choir tried on Bob's new Construction Crew Song, to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas (but with 16 days of construction!).

The pictures

The panos.

2009 Community Cup

June 28th, 2009 - Brewer Park

The Catholic Immigration Centre organized the Fifth Annual Community Cup last Saturday at Brewer Park. It was a great day of soccer, international food, music and community connections. The Ottawa Folk Festival has been a part of it for a couple of years, contributing volunteers (including me!), expertise and, this year, an OFF soccer team. I was sick with a head cold and only stayed for three hours but what a busy place!

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Ukelele Building Workshop

May 3rd, 2009 - Museum of Civilization

The Folk Fest lent its expertise in ukeleles to the BC Scene uke building workshop. We attended the ukelele talk and concert by James Hill after.

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Springboard 2009 "Taste Test the Folk Fest"

A very busy lady!

April 18th, 2009 -  SpringBoard - Library and Archives Canada

This year's Springboard was a hoot.We took over the whole ground floor of  LAC from 10am til after 10pm, with artisans, performers, workshops (Hiphop!) and, finally, the finals for the auditions for the Folk Fest in August.

The Photo Crew had a print show up with two prints from each of the crew photographers. We also had four or five photographers there so we covered the Fest with about 250 images. I've broken them down in the following categories.(Today, April 19th, all of the images are not in to me yet so some of the galleries won't be full until I get finished. Check back for more in the next few days.)

March 21st, 2009 -  2009 Under 25 Auditions - Raw Sugar Cafe

Each year the Ottawa Folk Festival holds two sets of auditons for spots in the upcoming Festival, one for those over 25 and one for under. I made it to the under 25 audition yesterday.

The pictures.

March 12th, 2009 -  Die Strottern with Jesse Stewart & Linsey Wellman, presented by The Ottawa Folk Festival and the Austrian Embassy at Arts Court

Die Strottern are two young men from Vienna who travel the roads looking for old songs and dance tunes that fell by the wayside, plus writing new ones as they go. Their bedrock is ‘Wiener lieder’, which literally translates to "Viennese songs”. The band has become a trademark in the young Viennese music scene, and they are the winners of the Austrian World Music Award 2006.

They played their music, were joined and also countered by Jesse Stewart & Linsey Wellman, local musicians. The mix of  ‘Wiener lieder’ and wild percussion and wind jazz was enthralling!

The pictures

The panoramas

Acoustic Waves

March 8th, 2009 - Meredith Luce & Jim Bryson -Photo Gallery.

For this concert I went as an audience member - but I took my little camera. These are my shots. The concert was officially covered by Ming Wu. (pictures)

Tribute to Robbie Burns w/ Bobby Watt & Friends

Jan, 9, 2009 @ NAC 4th Stage - Photo Gallery

                                                     Panorama Gallery

Blowout Sale FUNraiser

December 13th - Pre-XMas sale of excess CDs - Photo Gallery

Acoustic Waves

December 7th, 2008 - Missy Burges and Garnet Rogers - Photo Gallery

My relationship to the Festival changed in October, 2008. I'm now one of the co-leaders, along with Dave Haggarty, of the photo crew. This means that I will be covering some of the Winter shows (Acoustic Waves at GCTC and others) as well as coordinating the photography of other events. What I add to this page will be just what I have covered.


2008 Ottawa Folk Festival   

The Ottawa Folk Festival has become more important to us each year. This year, 2008, I've decided to make it the end bookend of my summer festival season by volunteering to do construction and photography. A week of community fun! (and another week of editing photos!)

The week started for me with a BBQ at the construction manager, Bob Nesbitt's, house. I had to go a bit late but just in time for music! Single Images. Panoramas.


Dance floor construction  -  The Process

The Festival!

Panoramas (new Sept 3)

2007 Ottawa Folk Festival

Pictures from OFF 2007.